Children's Worship Service During the 09:30 AM Service



                  What will move you out of your comfort zone?

                  Have that gospel conversation Volunteer for a ministry Start or join a ministry Join a Life Group Support a Missionary or visit a Missionary Join the Prayer meetings Ask a friend to read the Bible with you Visit and support someone in need  Start a prayer meeting at work  Reconcile with someone  Give your testimony  Get to know someone new  Start a devotional time with your spouse /family   Give a generous gift to someone Visit a township church Spend a day/weekend praying and fasting Contact a student and help meet their needs Pay someone’s account /clear debt Take someone for a meal Seek counselling Share a sin with a close Christian friend Commit yourself to Christian studies /church apprenticeship Take someone with you on holiday Organise an event for nonChristian friends Volunteer your time and talents to the church Read to someone elderly or lonely

                  “To live, Christ, to die, gain” – Phil.1:21

                  LIFE GROUPS





                                      OUR TEAM

                                      Ray Beckman

                                      Senior Pastor

                                        Mario Marshall

                                        Pastoral Assistant

                                          Jacques Erasmus

                                          Assistant Pastor

                                            Ronel v. Schalkwyk


                                              Tim Swinfen

                                              Families Minister



                                                  We value the Bible as the Word of God written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, without error, containing all things necessary for life and salvation.


                                                    We value godliness as the goal of spiritual disciplines. 1 Timothy 4:7: 'discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.' The purpose being intimacy with and conformity to Christ.


                                                      We value prayer as a vital expression of trust and dependence upon God. In short, prayer is simply the child of God talking to his heavenly Father, in whom he trusts and depends, about everything.


                                                        We value evangelism as our responsibility to seek and make use of every oppertunity to declare the Gospel message of salvation through Christ Jesus to everyone.


                                                          We value community as being the church of Christ Jesus, comprising of redeemed sinners, bound to their Lord and to one another in the bond of love, which they share with each other and express to surrounding communities.


                                                            If you have any questions about St James Church, want to visit us or would like more information on how to get more involved, please do not hesitate to contact us - we would love to hear from you!

                                                            CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 08:30-12:30 TEL: (051) 436 9841/2 FAX: 086 718 5633

                                                            RECTOR - Ray Beckman: