DESIGNATION: Families Ministry Leader


To equip parents, children’s and youth team volunteers, interns, and the congregation, to disciple our children in Christ through his Word, such that they grow in their love for Christ, get to know him more deeply, serve him more wholeheartedly, and passionately reach out with the gospel to those around them.

To, therefore, with our families, reach out with the gospel in the community, whether through schools, bible studies, local events or events at church. All of this for the purpose of seeing God’s kingdom grow in Bloemfontein and further afield.

The families’ minister is to maintain a high standard of godliness in all areas of their life. Their conduct must be above reproach, both publicly and privately. They must be committed personally to the core values of the church -bible, prayer, community, evangelism and godliness, as well as the core mission ‘to make disciple-making disciples’. They must hold firmly to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and strive to know Him crucified. They must watch their life and doctrine closely. (1 Timothy 4:16)

The focal age-group of the ministry will be grades 0-12.


(The following are a description of the key, ongoing responsibilities of the families’ minister.)

  • To help guide the church in accord with sound doctrine as contained in God’s Word, through teaching, training and equipping, especially through the family ministry. He must do this through both encouragement and exhortation, as well as rebuke and correction. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  • To motivate the spread of the gospel through evangelism, missions, and outreach, in season and out of season, especially among children and families.
  • To facilitate the transitions between the different child age groups. (E.g. between primary and high school, and high school and students)
  • To help maintain good church order and discipline in the local church, in accordance with God’s Word, and in line with the practices and traditions of REACH SA, especially within the children’s ministry.
  • Along with the staff and council, to participate in discussion, planning and the engagement of the church’s mission, vision and strategy, under the leading of God.
  • To hold oneself accountable to the church council and regularly communicate one’s ministry patterns and needs to them
  • To ensure that all children and youth who come under the influence of St James are pastorally cared for and discipled as far as possible.
  • To create a vibrant and loving place to grow in relationship with Christ at a level that is appropriate for our children and youth.
  • To integrate children into the life of the family of God.
  • To enable our children and parents to reach out with the gospel to the wider community
  • To contribute to the teaching ministries of the church



The following are a description of those ministry tasks that contribute to the fulfillment of the core responsibilities mentioned above.

  • Ministry groups among children and youth
    • To oversee, coordinate and organise the structures of children and youth ministry groups that meet on a Sunday (e.g. Sunday school, upstream, family services, confirmation, evening services, other gatherings)
    • To oversee, coordinate, delegate and organise other events which will facilitate the discipleship of children and youth. (e.g. Camps, Holiday clubs, midweek gatherings, outreaches & missions)
    • To seek and facilitate teaching opportunities with local schools and Christian groups
  • Training
    • To equip and enable parents to bring their children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
    • To train up volunteers and interns to teach children and youth grace in Christ through his word in an exciting and age appropriate ways.
    • To identify new children’s workers from our church whether students, young adults or family members and train them up to be able to start children’s ministry in any new church plants we do.
  • Discipleship
    • To be involved in personally discipling others (incl. parents and older children as appropriate)
    • To coordinate and organise 1-2-1s and group discipling.
    • Help develop and maintain relationships between children and older folk in the congregation
  • Mission, Evangelism and Outreach
    • To initiate and deepen relationships with the schools in the area such that we might reach out with the gospel through Bible clubs, choirs, homework help, events or any other means.
    • To pursue any other identified opportunities for evangelism and outreach
  • Teaching
    • To establish and coordinate a syllabus across all the classes that teaches grace in Christ from God’s Word as it is given, rather than moralistic stories.
    • To teach and model teaching in various areas of children and youth ministry
    • Writing/producing useful biblical material for use in different areas of ministry
  • Pastoral visitation and counselling as required
  • Being a part of and/or leading a Lifegroup (bible study)
  • Contributing to the REMAP apprenticeship program in the Free State region
  • Contributing to training and equipping in the region
  • Contributing to church administration
  • Ministry and tasks that develop around the gifting of the staff member


(What follows is a description of the commitment from the church to enable the staff member to grow and develop in ministry experience)


  • Encouraging you to develop discipleship relationships with others that involves accountability, prayer and biblical encouragement
  • Putting in place a warden/council member who will meet with you regularly for feedback and help
  • Regularly meeting with the rector, the staff team and church council for training, prayer and feedback
  • Attending, as able, any other avenues of good biblical training (conferences etc) at the church’s cost (within budget)
  • Making resources and books available
  • Encouraging and supporting (also financially where able) your theological reading,training and development